How you can make your clothes last for a lifetime

We all love our clothes:

Alas! Like all things material, clothes also tear, wear away and fade. Yes, even the prettiest, our most favorite one and ‘the lucky charm dress’ too. They will all fade away sooner or later depending on our usage. How can we stop that? But hey, what you we do is that we can prolong their lives by following a few prudent rules in taking care of them. Just a few easy, no nonsense rules and Voila! You can wear that cute tank top that your fiancée gave you for a couple of years more. Ladies and gentlemen! It is well worth the try. Come on now; let us get to them quickly.

  • Color sort your laundry:
  • The laundry that is done at home must be pre sorted based on the color. Whites go separately, pastel shades also a different load and similar colors go together. It is a great idea to follow the wash instructions closely on each garment type and treat them accordingly. Washing clothes that are not really dirty may be avoided as frequent washing can shorten its life.

  • Pre treating stains is important:
  • If there are stains that are showing up on the clothes, it is good idea to pre treat them before dunking them into the washing machine. Using stain removal liquids will also require you to read the instructions for use. It is best, however to test the liquid stain remover on the inside seam of the garment to check if it is safe for the fabric.

  • Choose the recommended wash cycle:
  • When doing laundry and wanting your clothes to last the longest that they can will warrant that you choose the recommended wash cycle for them. Woolens and satins will go in for the most delicate wash, sportswear for the robust ones and the normal wear clothes into the normal, less tumble wash cycle.

  • Dry clean the clothes that are not recommended to be washed at home:
  • The clothes that are recommended for dry cleaning only have to be taken to the launderers. No excuses please!

  • Drying clothes is not a one peg fits all hole:
  • Washing is done? Drying of clothes is also an art for the clothes connoisseurs!If the clothes have to go into a dryer, the clothes will need sorting again. Heavier clothes can be put into it while camisoles and bras may be best to dry naturally on the line.Drying outside on the line is by far the most economical way to dry clothes but make sure that the darker clothes are not directly exposed to the sun lest they may fade. Delicate crochet and embroidery may have to be dried inside out to save the fabric from wearing out and looking worn.

  • Don’t let the clothes sit in the dryer for long:
  • Whatever it is, don’t let the clothes sit too long in the washing machine or the dryer for too long otherwise they will start giving out a foul smell. They also tend to crinkle a lot. This could be counterproductive as you may have to do one more wash cycle with them and that could be bad for the life of your clothes Check out this website on .

  • Fold clothes as soon as possible:
  • Folding of the clothes should be done without procrastination and folding should be along the seams of the garment. Keep the clothes nicely stacked and avoid packing them too tightly in storage bags. The clothes need to breathe so that they smell fresh in the wardrobe as well.

  • Use pest control in your wardrobes:
  • If there are sections in the wardrobe that you do not use often, you may consider opting for a preliminary pest control and also once in a while removing all of them and re doing them again to avoid dangers of mild dew or any kind of roaches.

  • Make sure you do not keep any clothes that you do not use:
  • You may consider giving off your old and worn off clothes to a charity or to someone in need so that you have comfortably more space for storage of clothes that you are right now using.




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