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Every one of you must have repented washing a favorite dress of yours which went into the washing machine and came out looking faded and crocked and without any sheen!

It’s a sorry state and everyone has been there, done that, at least the ones who are responsible for regular laundry jobs. Here are a few reasons why colors from fabric bleed:

  1. The dye used is of extremely poor quality;
  2. The technique of dyeing is incorrectly applied;
  3. The fabric quality is poor;
  4. The cloth is not fixed with a mordant and so the fabric has not bound to the fabric;
  5. There may be micro leakages from the fabric due to high friction in the washing machine;
  6. Use of any bleaching agents in the laundry or the residual bleaching agent in the washing machine has caused the fabric to fade.


What we do:

We manufacture Mordant:

A mordant is a substance that is used to bind the dye to the fabric. This is an extremely important step post production of the fabric as when the mordant is not applied or incorrectly applied, the fabric will start bleeding and also fading within the first few washes itself.

You must guard your reputation:

As a fabric manufacturer or as an owner of the mill, it is your onus to make sure that the dyes that you use has bound well to the fabric. By using our mordant solutions after the dyeing process of the fabric, you actually lock the colour into the fabric. We have a hundred percent laboratory results confirming that there is no bleeding however small after the fabric is locked with the dye using our mordants.

Bleeding can cause skin irritation:

Bleeding of dyes onto skins is typified as a hazard punishable by law. The responsibility is on the manufacturer and not on the trader. That is why it is important that you guarantee yourself peace of mind by using our mordants.



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The clothes we wear or choose to wear is an extension of our personality. And we love the clothes we wear because that is precisely why we coveted them and are wearing them.




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